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There is almost nothing better than the thrill of the East African Safari: game drives in the soft morning light, watching a herd of elephants from the foredeck of a luxurious lodge, the intoxicating scent of the African bush, a dining room under the scattered starry sky... but how are you gonna find all this on your own? You will need the best guides when you come to the mother continent of Africa to show you everything on your Africa safari tour. This is also one of the reasons why each of our drivers and safari guides has at least 10 years of experience in tourism, who are committed naturalists, have a strong knowledge of ecology and African wildlife and speak several languages.

Marco Polo Safaris will make a complete personal schedule of your precious time for your planned itinerary in Africa, mapping all your destinations, accommodations and meals. Marco Polo Tours & Safaris is an exceptional tour operating company in Mombasa, Kenya, which develops and operates exquisite safaris in East Africa. Enjoy your stay with us. Go on an unforgettable safari experience with Marco Polo Tours & Safaris, Marco Polo Tours & Safaris will provide you with the "highlight" of your East African visit. We are proud to distinguish ourselves from other tour operators.

In no other country in the world there is so much to see and do for the visitor. Within a single country you will find savannahs with numerous big game, pristine cultures far away from our modern world, pristine beaches and coral reefs, tropical rainforests and snow-capped mountains, glowing desert landscapes and retreats in the cool highlands as well as endless opportunities for adventure, discovery and relaxation - more than you would ever dream of. Welcome to magical Kenya!

Marco Polo Tours & Safaris believes in creating highly personalised and individually created unforgettable experiences for everyone. That is why we want to work with you to create an incomparable private African luxury safari experience tailored to your interests and adapted with our "know-how". We work "hand in hand" with you and support you personally in every detail during the entire planning process. We listen, we are attentive, and frankly.... we know that your ideas will differ when planning the journey of your life with Marco Polo Tours & Safaris to ours.

After exclusive safari experiences we have gained in the past, we deserve the reputation of an inimitable expert in terms of attention and service to our clients. We offer a full range of tourism and "destination management services" through a dynamic and dedicated team, all specialists in their fields. We specialize in traveling to fascinating destinations with a focus on quality, personal care, safety and ultimately customer satisfaction.

On our homepage you will not find any prices, as this is for good reason. We always charge the daily price as the prices are strongly dependent on the exchange rate and the season. This ensures that you always receive the current price.

Please note that we are also represented at Safari Bookings.

You can find us there by clicking the following link: Safari Bookings.



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